QCD 9411


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Njål Sparbo - voice
Björn Nyman- clarinets
André Orvik - violin
Vegard Johnsen - violin
Jon Sønstebø - viola
Sverre Barratt-Due - cello
Steinar Haugerud – double bass

Producer: Njål Sparbo
Digital editing and nixing: Njål Sparbo and Cato Langnes
Recording and mastering: Cato Langnes
Graphic design: Quattro Design
Recorded at Quattro Studios, Oslo, 2022-23
Released in December 2023 by Quattro, Oslo, Norway
Supported by: Norsk Komponistforening, Norsk Kulturfond, Fond for utøvende kunstnere, Norsk Tonekunstnersamfunds Vederlagsfond, Creos vederlagsfond og Kunstnerforeningen.


1 Svevnens kjærleik by Kjell Mørk Karlsen (b. 1947) / Jon Fosse {2:37}
2 Haustsonate by Henning Sommero (b. 1952) / Edvard Hoem {4:37}
3 why? by Ruth Bakke (b. 1947) / E.E. Cummings {6:20}
4 Grensen by Ketil Bjørnstad (b. 1952) {4:10}
5 Med en vannlilje by Kjell Habbestad (b. 1955) / Henrik Ibsen {2:47}
6 Til hjertene by Halvor Haug (b. 1952) / Gunnar Reiss-Andersen {3:28}
7 Jadis et naguère by Bjørn Howard Kruse (b. 1946) / Paul Verlaine {7:52}
8 Verdens veier by Per Arne Glorvigen (b. 1963) / Jan Erik Vold {3:37}

Norwegian Songs, Vol. 3: Verdens veier (‘Ways of the World’) contains music from composers born between 1946-1963, adapted for voice, clarinet, and string quintet. The song selection involved dialogue with composers, most of whom reworked and adapted the pieces themselves. Exceptions include Ketil Bjørnstad's "Grensen" (The border), Halvor Haug’s “Til hjertene” (‘To the Hearts’), and Per Arne Glorvigen’s “Verdens veier” (‘Paths of the World’), adapted for the ensemble by Njål Sparbo.

“Norwegian songs have played a vital role in my entire professional journey. Upon receiving the State Work Grant in 1997-1999 and 2005-2008, I embraced the opportunity to delve deep into the Norwegian song repertoire. Norwegian composers are frequent features in my concert programs, and I’ve actively participated in numerous premieres. This anthology presents a collection of songs that I cherish from various eras. While the majority of these songs were initially composed for voice and piano, I chose to enrich the recordings by collaborating with a diverse ensemble of musicians, infusing the renditions with richer nuances, heightened fullness, and musical contrasts." Njål Sparbo