QCD 9310
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Rasmus Høgset - countertenor
Carl Høgset - countertenor
Kristin Andersen - recorder
Svein Egil Skotte - recorder
Vegard Lund - lute
Keren Bruce - viola da gamba
Betteke Groot - viola da gamba
Jan Spencer - viola da gamba
Knut Johannessen - orgel and harpsichord

Two generations of singers perform music by three generations of composers on this CD. Carl & Rasmus Høgset, father & son, have made a selection of English renaissance and baroque solos and duets from their concert programmes over the last four seasons.

Producer: Krzysztof Drab
Recording: Morten Lindberg
Digital editing and mastering: Lindberg Lyd AS
Recorded in Fagerborg kirke, Oslo, 1995 and in Ris kirke, Oslo, 1996 og 1997
Released in 1998 by Quattro, Oslo, Norway


Henry Purcell
1 Britain, thou now art great
2 Sound the trumpet
3 Strike the viol
4 O dive custos Auriacae Domus
5 Fairest isle

Robert Jones
6 Though your straneness frets my heart
7 Sweet Kate
8 Will said to his mammy
9 My complaining is but feigning

John Blow
10 One thing have I desired
11 Ode on the Death of Mr. Henry Purcell