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Carl Høgset - countertenor
Knut Johannessen - piano, harpsichord
Rasmus Høgset - countertenor
Betteke Groot - viola da gamba
Hans Olav Gorset - recorder, crumhorn
Erik Stenstadvold - lute
Dagny Bakken - violin
Tone Stenmarck Johannessen - violin
Anne Beate B. Wålengen - viola
Tormod Dalen - cello
Frøydis Ree Wekre - baroque horn

Carl Høgset performs songs from the standard repertoire for countertenor in addition tillegg to songs by Greig and Arne Nordheim.

Recording engineer, digital editing and mastering: Morten Lindberg
Recorded at The Norwegian State Academy of Music and in Fagerborg Church, Oslo, 1994 - 95
Released in 1995 by Quattro AS, Oslo, Norway

Henry Purcell
1 Be Welcome then, Great Sir
2 Sound the trumpet
3 Musick for a while
4 If Musick be the food of Love
5 An Evening Hymn

George Frideric Handel
6 Verdi prati
7 Amor, nel mio penar
8 Va tacito e nascosto

Edvard Grieg
9 Ich stand in dunkeln Träumen
10 Das alte Lied
11 Dereinst, Gedanke mein
12 Den særde
13 Jeg elsker Dig

Arne Nordheim "Three Unexpected Songs"
14 Io v'amo sol perchè voi siete bella
15 Ore, fermate il volo
16 Ecco mormorar l'onde