QCD 9303
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Anne Lise Berntsen - soprano
Carl Høgset - countertenor
Scott B. Campbell - tenor
Pål Rullestad - tenor
Arild Rønsen - tenor
Njål Sparbo - bass

The music on Quattro Stagioni's Cantio spans a period of seventy years, encompassing both David Monrad Johansen's Draumkvædet, published in 1922, and Knut Nystedt's The Conch, completed in 1993. All of the selections are twentieth-century Norwegian vocal pieces, and none has been available on record before.

Producer: Njål Sparbo, Lasse Thoresen
Recording: Erling Jørgensen, Arne Edvard Johnsen
Recorded in Ambience studio and in NRK, Oslo, 1991-93
Released in 1994 by Quattro AS, Oslo, Norway


1 Vår i fjellgrenda Carl G. Sparre Olsen:
2 Dagvise Ludvig Irgens-Jensen
3 Draumkvædet David Monrad Johansen
4 Sanningi Klaus Egge
5 Til Sylvan Eivind Groven
6 På hospitalet om natten Eivind Groven
7 Sus, sunnanvind Conrad Baden
8 O store konge, Davids søn Fartein Valen

To Mannskormotetter Fartein Valen
9 O salutaris hostia
10 Quia vidisti me, Thoma

11 Dove la luce Bjørn Kruse
12 The Conch Knut Nystedt
Cantico Sacra Lasse Thoresen
13 I give praise to Thee
14 Make me ready
15 He who was athirst


Quattro Stagioni opened the International Uppsala Church Chorus Festival by redefining just what choral singing is all about. This is good. This is first rate. This is vocal virtuosity!
Uppsala Nya Tidning, Uppsala, Sweden

The great revelation at the Fano Festival was, right from the start, the Norwegian group Quattro Stagioni … exceptionally evocative …
Il Corriere della Sera, Florence, Italy