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The vocal quartet Quattro Stagioni

Carl Høgset - countertenor
Scott B. Campbell - tenor
Pål Rullestad -tenor
Njål Sparbo -bass

Quattro Stagioni's debut recording with a wide veriaty of music from their concert repertoire.

Producer: Arne-Peter Rognan
Recording: Tom Sætre, Ola Johansen
Digital editing: Yngve Blokkhus, Morten Lund
Recordet in Uranienborg kirke, Oslo, 1988
Released in 1993 by Quattro AS, Oslo, Norway


1 Il est bel et bon Pierre Passereau
2 Ah Robin, gentle Robin William Cornyshe
3 Ung mari se voulant coucher Clément Jannequin
4 Languir me fais Claudin de Sermisy
5 O occhi, manza mia Orlando di Lasso
6 Piangete valli Guiseppe Caimo
7 Il bianco e dolce cigno Jacob Arcadelt
8 Le voci di sempre Bjørn Kruse
9 Prophetiæ Sibyllarum Orlando di Lasso
10 O How Amiable Are Thy Dwellings Thomas Tomkins
11 Ave Maria Giovanni da Palestrina

Tre madskormotetter Bernhard Lewkovitch
12 De profundis
13 Ave Maria
14 Laudate

15 Sanger-Hilsen til Bruden Halfdan Kjerulf
16 Hemlängtan Vagn Holmboe
17 Aftonröster Johan Svendsen
18 Sov tills jag kommer Maurice Karkoff
19 På jorden et sted Ludvig Irgens Jensen

Tvenne Madrigaler Lille Bror Söderlundh
20 Som fågelungen fallen ur bo
21 Fyra fålar skola springa

22 Nocture Evert Taube


One is tempted to speak of Quattro Stagioni as a Ferrari ensemble. The quartet’s formidable reputation, especially in Italy, the home of madrigal singing, has again been reinforced…
Verdens Gang, Oslo, Norway

Quattro Stagioni set the stage afire…
Il Messagero di Roma, Rome, Italy